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Vinten supplies Olympics broadcasters with support gear

Vinten is supplying the Shanghai Media Group (SMG), one of China’s major broadcast companies, with a variety of camera heads, tripods and other accessories to equip their OB trucks at the Olympics next month.

The Shanghai Media Group is a multi-media television and radio broadcasting, news and Internet company. Formed in 2001 from a merger of four domestic Shanghai-based radio and television companies, SMG has a dedicated Sports Channel, which will carry most of the Olympics coverage.

For the Olympic outdoor broadcasts, the Shanghai Media Group OB trucks are equipped with Vector 70 and 90 pan and tilt heads, HDT-1 heavy-duty tripods, and ENG dollies. Vector 70 has the capacity for large cameras, with maximum payloads of 154lb.

SMG has combined these with Vinten’s HDT-1 heavy-duty single-stage tripods. The HDT-1 has a 308lb maximum payload that easily supports the large camera and lens combinations being used by SMG. For smooth, moving coverage of track events, SMG will use the lightweight and compact Vinten ENG/EFP folding OB dolly, fitted with fast-action foot-operated brakes.

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