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Vinten Radamec robotic gear chosen by now TV sports

Asian IPTV provider now TV has chosen Vinten Radamec robotics technology for its sports studio to deliver studio productions while reducing the cost of running individual cameras.

The studio at now TV is equipped with two Fusion FP-145 robotic pedestals and eight Fusion FH-100 robotic and manual Heads, operated via a pair of Vinten Radamec Control Systems (VRC). The Fusion FP-145 pedestal is compatible with many cameras, lenses and prompters.

The choice of manual or robotic setup allows a studio to operate in either mode. The four-wheel design of the FP-145 incorporates a flexible chassis, significantly improving repeatability of position without affecting outstanding on-shot quality of movement, the company said.

The Vinten Radamec VRC control solution provides multifacility control of pedestals, heads and elevation units. The VRC’s design enables broadcasters to make the move to robotics either all at once or gradually without having to upgrade an entire system.

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