Vinten offers plug-and-play prompter for campaign coverage

Vinten has unveiled the Vision iScript portable prompting system, which is made for on-the-move campaign news coverage that requires multiple daily setups and dismantling.

The portable Vision iScript combines a fluid head and teleprompter, which fits in one neat, custom-built, rolling case. Designed to work with the AC or battery-powered GoPrompt 12 system from Autoscript, the Vision iScript can be combined with a Vision Ped Plus pedestal or two-stage Pozi-Loc tripod for studio or corporate applications and rugged, remote location work.

Autoscript's GoPrompt differs from a traditional teleprompter because the computer, with a standard Windows XP operating system, is built into the prompting screen. GoPrompt 12 offers a high-brightness screen for outdoor work, network or USB connectivity, wired keyboard and mouse and integral prompting software.

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