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Vinten debuts Vector 750 pan-and-tilt head

Vinten has introduced the Vector 750 pan-and-tilt head at IBC2007.

The Vector 750, an upgrade of the Vector 700 Standard and H versions, has a center of gravity range of 80mm to 250mm. The maximum payload of the Vector 750 is 75kg, increased from 70kg on the Vector 700. This makes it easier to operate with more camera accessories such as talent monitors and spotlights.

Other key features include ergonomic design improvement to the slide plate positioner, and inclusion of higher output drag modules for increased available friction range to give better control for heavier payloads.

An optional side-mounted monitor bracket can accommodate mounting viewfinders on the side of the head. The inclusion of some stainless steel internal components also makes the Vector 750 even more durable and robust.

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