Vinten announces new range of Vision AS pan and tilt heads

Vinten announced a new range of Vision AS lightweight pan and tilt heads. The four new heads cater to a broad range of professional DV camcorders, from 4.4lbs to 32lbs.

Features include a non-reflective black coating for discrete use on location, as well as ergonomic improvements. For example, the multi-turn Perfect Balance counterbalance adjuster has been moved from the rear to the side, unfettered by camera overhang. In addition, the levelling bubble has been repositioned just where camera operators said they wanted it and offers a new bold blue switched LED for quick, accurate and convenient setup in low light situations.

The restyled pan and tilt brake knobs have a robust and user-friendly design to take the rigors of everyday use head on. Similarly, the multi-turn infinite drag adjusters have been designed to be easier to use with a wide range to suit even the most demanding users.

Vinten's Perfect Balance technology allows the camera to be moved in any direction under fingertip control, while the sideload camera plate feature now allows operators to mount and dismount the camera in seconds.

The complete Vision AS range and corresponding camera payload (at 125mm center of gravity) is as follows: Vision 3 AS (4.4lbs to 11lbs), Vision 5 AS (9.9lbs to 23.1lbs), Vision 8 AS (12.1lbs to 27.6lbs) and Vision 10 AS (14.3lbs to 32lbs).