ViewCast doubles its streaming media processing power with the introduction of Niagara 7550

ViewCast has released the Niagara 7550. Part of the Niagara 7500 series, the 7550 takes advantage of multi-core processing technology, greatly expanding its adaptive streaming capabilities.

The Niagara 7550 also includes ViewCast SimulStream technology, which enables a single video source to generate several video streams at once, with each stream configured differently for laptops, cell phones or mobile devices. It allows simultaneous streaming in many popular formats, including Windows Media (Silverlight), Flash and H.264, including live streaming to Apple iPhones and iPads. The Niagara 7550 also supports 3GPP and 3GPP2 for mobile applications.

Closed-caption extraction and rendering, de-interlacing and inverse telecine are standard on the Niagara 7550, as well as bitmap overlay, scaling and cropping.