Video Technics, Comprompter introduce NewsFlow Complete

The joint solution provides for a complete file-based news production from script to air for small to midmarket stations
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Video Technics has partnered with Comprompter to create NewsFlow Complete, a file-based solution that provides virtually seamless interaction between every aspect of the newsroom operation — scripting, producing, editing and reviewing raw feeds and finished clips, and even includes archive management.

Rather than using MOS, Andy Tuggle, VP of sales and marketing at Video Technics, said, “Comprompter decide to utilize our API; they are able to control our servers for playout and updating metadata. It was simple for them to plug in to our workflow.”

The two companies have worked together before. “We wanted to go to the next level and bundle our solutions for smaller and midmarket broadcasters” that cannot afford the high-end solutions, he said. An Active-X browser embedded in the NewsKing NRCS allows users to browse low-resolution media proxies.

The system can be integrated with craft editors including Premier Pro, Final Cut and Avid, enabled by Video Technics’ open architecture. Typical installed systems include Video Technics Apella ingest/playout SD/HD video servers, certified shared NAS storage, embedded media asset management with archiving options, newsroom proxy editors/browsers and online/offline edit workstations. The latest version of NewsKing newsroom automation software has been enhanced specifically to tie into not just the Apella servers, but their shared NAS storage, VT Media Archive Library and VT SQL Database Engine as well.

The NewsFlow production and playout system will be shown at NAB2009 in Booth SU10802.