Video Devices Streamlines Workflow for Bethlehem Baptist Church

MINNEAPOLIS—Bethlehem Baptist Church turned to the PIX 260i Production Video Recorder from Video Devices The church utilizes five PIX 260i’s.

Comprised of three campuses, Bethlehem Baptist Church hosts multiple services a week. In order to ensure that all three campuses have a current sermon from the main pastor, Associate Director for Media Ministries Jonathan Davis records the Saturday night service using the Pix 260i. He then sends the recording for playback to the two campuses not being served by the preaching pastor, on a particular Sunday morning.

Recorded files can be transferred over Ethernet or delivered on one of the four drives that the 260i is able to simultaneously record to. Two of the campuses feature a full production setup, while the other is a portable campus at a local high school for the Sunday morning services. The two main campuses each have two Pix 260is, and the portable campus has another.

The facility records both the mono- and stereo-feed of the house, as well as an iso of the pastor’s mic. Using the Pix 260i, the facility is able to send and receive all audio over Dante to and from its Yamaha CL5 mixing system. Bethlehem Baptist Church also records live Spanish and Russian translations.

Davis and the church are already familiar with the company’s products, as they have used its Pix 240i recorder for on-location productions.