Video Devices Shipping Pix-LR Audio Interface

REEDSBURG, WIS.—Pix-E recording monitor users now have a new audio interface to work with, as Video Devices has announced it is now shipping the Pix-LR. An optional accessory, the Pix-LR provides the Pix-E5, Pix-E5H and Pix-E7 monitors with XLR inputs and outputs. It also features mic preamps from Sound Devices, LED metering, and transport and gain controls.

The Pix-LR is able to be mounted to the bottom of a Pix-E series monitor by a 1/4-inch 20 thread screw. The audio interface is constructed from die-cast aluminum and derives power from the monitor it is attached to, reports Vide Devices. It also features two gain controls and illuminated, 23-segmented LED metering.

Additional features for the Pix-LR include XLR-3F connections, analog mic-level inputs, and two three-pin XLR-3M connections for analog outputs. High-quality limiters with LED indication and high-pass filters are also included.

Video Devices is a brand of Sound Devices LLC that supplies digital video monitors, recorders and other video products.