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VidCheck launches VidChecker QC for file-based media

VidCheck will launch at the 2010 NAB Show the new VidChecker software product, which not only provides automated checking of file-based media, but also intelligently and automatically corrects video and audio problems (including audio loudness).

VidChecker checks video parameters and can intelligently correct problems such as incorrect levels without introducing unacceptable degradation and artifacts into the video images.

The product also includes not only audio loudness checking based on ITU-R BS.1770, as recommended by the ATSC, but also user-selectable automatic correction of overlimit levels without impacting the perceived frequency range, quality or dynamic presence of the audio.

VidChecker is a software product that runs on standard Windows PCs and can be used stand-alone or integrated with media servers and automation systems in broadcast workflows. It works with a wide variety of SD/HD video and audio standards.

See VidCheck at NAB Show Booth N4019.