VertigoXmedia Xstation Now Available

VertigoXmedia, a Montreal-based broadcast graphics software and hardware provider, has announced that its new Xstation is now shipping.

The Xstation contains all the resources needed to create, schedule and broadcast DTV subchannels or info channels incorporating national and local content. The product uses several applications from the VertigoXmedia Suite platform and VertigoXG graphics engine offering everything from data sources to databases to SD/HD video.

"We've combined our best hardware and software solutions into a single plug-and-play system--Xstation--that makes launching new channels like DTV subchannels a real snap," said Darin Crosby, president of broadcast solutions at VertigoXmedia. "It's the perfect solution for launching new information-rich channels under tight budgets."

Channel configurations built with Xstation are fully compatible with the Xmedia Suite, so local stations can create unique local infochannels yet still integrate centralized content and data shared across a distributed station group, the company said in a release.