Verance Adds Video Watermarking to Aspect

SAN DIEGO—Video watermarking is now a capability of Verance’s Aspect platform, the company announced. Based on the commercial implementation of the ATSC video watermarking specification, the Aspect platform now supports both audio and video watermarks for multiple standards and works in the ATSC 1.0 broadcast environment.

Verance says that the audio and video watermarking technology of Aspect enables users to activate Dynamic Ad Insertion across all devices and distribution paths; it has 100% positive identification of live and time-shifted content, able to distinguish between DVR playback and VOD; frame-accurate timing; tuned to be invisible to the viewer; and interoperable with existing and future DAI services, including ATSC, HbbTV/DVB-Targeted advertising and Project OAR.

Both the audio and video watermarks allow information required for DAI activation in a TV set to pass through distribution environments with ease, including over HDMI links and through existing distribution equipment and set-top boxes.

Aspect also allows for the video watermark to complement the audio watermark even when special features for DVR and VOD are deployed. For instance, Verance says that in instances of fast-forwarding or rewinding when the audio is muted, the video watermark allows TVs to capture station identifier and time code information and insert a replacement ad with frame-level accuracy.

Verance will showcase its video and audio watermarking technology at CES 2020, which takes place in Las Vegas, Jan. 7-10.