Vegas Pro Is Hit With Composer

I've been composing music on various PC- and Mac-based programs throughout the 80s and 90s, and taught myself the basics of film/TV direction, lighting design and acting. In 2003, I was asked to help with a video project using Sony Vegas Pro, and was immediately hooked by the vast possibilities presented by the package. I now have a career in which I use Vegas and operate a production business that's based in Los Angeles and London.


Recently I directed and edited a project that called for creation of three HD spots. We shot it with RED ONE cameras and all of the post production was done in Sony Vegas Pro 9 on my home PC. All three spots have aired nationally and cost just a fraction of what it takes to put together traditional commercials, thanks to Sony Vegas.

I really like how easy Sony Vegas Pro 9 makes it to ingest all sorts of media files, ranging from video and music to PowerPoint presentations and picture files. It helps make life very easy when you don't always have control of the media that you're working with. Most of my shooting is done with the RED ONE camera, so now with Sony Vegas Pro 9 I can quickly create, import and begin editing projects in 4K. The speed of editing in Vegas Pro 9 is really a big plus, as I can edit projects twice now. I've tried several competing NLE programs, but Vegas Pro always comes out on top. It has an extremely intuitive design and is focused on user control, which gives me the flexibility that I need in my editing work.

Its audio capabilities are also very important to me. Not only can I edit the project in 5.1 sound, but I can also easily set up Vegas Pro to record voiceovers to any instrument in my studio. There's no need to go to another program—Vegas gives me everything I need. It's also very powerful in rendering. Another useful function is the ease of setting up scripts that provide batch rendering across many file formats. I think that the next generation of Internet video streaming, along with powerful home-based production technologies will have great implications for artists such as myself. I can effectively produce and distribute feature films, television commercials and "Webisodic" shows, all from my home, without the overhead of a traditional production facility or the weight of a traditional distribution contract. All of this makes the idea of creating art an extremely fun endeavor, and I couldn't ask for a better production partner than Sony Vegas Pro.

Chris Brickler is a Los Angeles-based produce, director and composer, with his own production company, Xlantic. He may be contacted

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