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VCC Debuts Caller Queue Cloud System

PALISADES, N.Y.—The video call-in is a key part of many types of TV shows these days, and Video Call Center has a new tool to help productions address its needs. Call Queue, which VCC has dubbed “Green Room in the Cloud,” allows producers to manage a large number of video callers and the ability to determine when they can be added to the live program.

With Caller Queue, viewers or guests can get access to the virtual Green Room courtesy of apps on their smartphones. The tool then allows for screening and preparation, including correct lighting, audio level and camera angle, while still being able to watch the live show until it is their turn, reportedly eliminating a busy signal. Producers can either automatically or manually prioritize information from callers. The VCC product can work with existing control rooms, or it can be operated without the overhead of a production control room, according to VCC’s press release.

VCC reports that Caller Queue is compatible with all smartphones.

Caller Queue is now available as a stand-alone Cloud service or as part of a complete production package from VCC.