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UXP Systems and Ericsson Collaborate to Create Universal OTT Profiles

LAS VEGAS—UXP Systems is collaborating with Ericsson to enable operators to deploy the MINT Unified Services Platform on Ericsson Mediaroom IPTV platforms. With MINT, UXP said operators can simplify user access and onboarding, and create universal profiles.

MINT works across both Ericsson Mediaroom and Ericsson Mediaroom Reach platforms, providing a converged user identity across all devices. It also provides support for new options such as new options such as freemium models and will be available globally through Ericsson.

UXP Systems’ MINT Unified Services Platform provides a framework for enabling the complete management of user profiles with the operator’s existing BSS/OSS and Identity Management technology via its User Lifecycle Management engine. A library covers hundreds of use cases to manage the full lifecycle of a user’s profile from onboarding to personalization. A second key module, the MINT Multiservice Gateway, allows the binding of any network service to these user profiles, allowing the operator to create and manage a 360-degree view of every user across all services, enabling an integrated and personalized user experience on any screen.

Ericsson Mediaroom IPTV platform is deployed by 66 global operators in 34 million set-top boxes. The latest Ericsson Mediaroom release powers video-on-demand and time-shifted viewing, and features “Restart TV;” an enhanced user interface for full-screen viewing; and a new channel guide. Ericsson Mediaroom Reach, born out of Ericsson’s acquisition of Azuki Systems, enables the deployment of over-the-top video to any device, the vendor said.