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Utah Scientific Debuts First 1056x1056 Router in a Single Rack

At NAB, Utah Scientific introduced the Utah-400/XL, claiming it’s the first router in the industry to offer a 1056x1056 matrix in one equipment rack using BNC connectors. Part of the Utah-400 routing switcher product family, which includes the Utah-400/528, the Utah-400/XL was developed specifically for digital router applications requiring extremely large matrix configurations.

“Size still matters when it comes to video routing,” said Tom Harmon, CEO of Utah Scientific. “The demand for matrix capacity continues to increase and so does the demand for a small footprint.”

The Utah-400/XL is scalable from 288x288 to 1056x1056 and beyond using a single family of matrix building blocks. A 1056x1056 matrix can fit within 40 rack units of space without needing special cable/connector arrangements. The Utah-400/XL uses 75-ohm BNC connectors for I/O, which raises the bar for connector density on a router of this size.

Other features include redundant power supplies, low-power consumption, and the ability to handle the new 3 Gbps progressive-scan HD signal formats. Another feature is that each crosspoint card has 576 inputs and 288 outputs, providing more internal signal paths that can be used for such purposes as partial crosspoint redundancy without more cards.