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TVU Networks brings cloud distribution to ENG

Looking to give newsgathering organizations and freelance journalists a low-cost way to distribute news from the field, TVU Networks has released a cloud-based service called TVUPack Cloud. It allows users to capture live images in SD or HD quality with a backpack unit and transmit them to a Web audience or news station without the need for satellite or microwave equipment.

TVUPack Cloud enables organizations to replace traditional receiving hardware with a software-based receiving solution that resides in the cloud. With TVUPack Cloud, live video is captured, optimized and transmitted on the fly via multiple 3G/4G/WiFi/WiMax connections.

The signal is received and stored in the cloud, and can then be sent to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for direct-to-Web broadcasting or to news stations for live television broadcast. This also allows reporters to distribute live content to Web audiences or TV stations that do not have any receiving infrastructure.

Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks, said the TVUPack Cloud service offers a number of new content delivery opportunities for organizations, whether they want to broadcast live events direct-to-Web or arm reporters with portable newsgathering solutions for neighborhood or citizen journalism projects while covering local interest stories.

TVUPack Cloud also provides broadcasters with a number of management and control features including the Cloud Service Manager (a web-based management system that controls and optimizes the broadcast signal into the cloud) and a monitor/control Interface, which allows users to monitor each cloud broadcast session remotely. This interface is accessible through a simple Web interface that is also accessible from any wireless mobile device (including iPod, iPad, iPhone and Android) via hotspot from the company’s existing TVUPack backpack.

In use by hundreds of broadcast organizations worldwide, according to the company, the TVUPack gives broadcasters satellite/microwave TV truck or van functionality in a lightweight backpack. TVUPack is powered by TVU’s proprietary Inverse StatMux technology, which segments a live video signal and transmits the segments through multiple independent 3G/4G connections. TVUPack provides low-latency, HD quality signal that enables users to broadcast live at any time and from any location.