TVN24 replaces news studio production switchers

Poland's TVN24 has upgraded its news studio video switcher systems with the installation of two Snell Kahuna 360 multiformat SD/HD production switchers.

The switchers replaced existing systems giving the broadcaster greater flexibility and versatility in handling SD and HD content. With the ability to work with either format, TVN24 is positioned to make a smooth transition to HD.

"With our Kahuna 360 systems, we enjoy endless freedom in multi-format operations, and this is particularly important in our current migration from SD to HD,” said Jarosław Kielmel, technical director at TVN24. “Switching the channel to HD is as simple as changing the Kahuna output format. The only criterion we must apply is that of signal quality, which the Kahuna's high-quality upconversion capability addresses easily."

TVN24's news production operations receive both HD and SD inputs, and the Kahuna systems readily accept either format, thus eliminating the need to reconfigure inputs and outputs to accommodate different formats. The switcher automatically detects the format of the input signal and uses its FormatFusion3 technology, which supports a mix of SD, HD, 1080p and now 4K, to provide the output required by TVN24.

In addition to supporting any format in and any format out, Kahuna 360 also features e Make M/E technology, which makes it easy for the operator to leverage available mixer power and create a tailor-made mix effect (M/E). Kahuna 360 offers up to six full M/Es, seven keyers per M/E, 120 HD/SD inputs, 64 HD/SD outputs, and a clip-store with 40 minutes SD or 8 minutes HD. The switcher also supports up to 16 simultaneous broadcast productions from a single mainframe.

The switchers were supplied by systems integrator Studiotech Poland.