TVG Network Advances to HD with Grass Valley Gear

MONTREAL—TVG Network, America’s largest online wagering company and horse racing television network, has recently completed a studio upgrade from standard to high definition with the acquisition of live production solutions from Grass Valley.

TVG provides in-depth analysis and race coverage.With the purchase of two LDX Première advanced imaging cameras, three LDX Compact Première cameras and a Karrera Video Production Center switcher with K-Frame, the network can now deliver HD imagery to its horse racing viewers across the globe.

“The leap from SD to HD digital was of huge importance to us because we’re dedicated to delivering the highest picture quality possible. This is especially true with a sport like horse racing, where the action is so fast-paced,” said Frank Geraty, vice president of broadcast operations and engineering, TVG Network. “With the combination of the LDX Première and LDX Compact Première cameras, we can enjoy greater flexibility with our productions because the cameras match exactly and allow us to operate in less studio space for our technical equipment.”