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TVEyes to integrate speech-to-text technology in ENPS

TVEyes announced at IBC2007 that it would work with The Associated Press to integrate its speech-to-text technology within AP's ENPS news production system.

Integration of TVEyes’ speech-to-text technology within ENPS will let journalists more easily locate relevant video through ENPS integrated searches. TVEyes will automatically generate time code aligned transcriptions for all video stored on MOS v2.8.3-compliant video servers that provide proxy images.

The transcripts are then incorporated into the description of the video clip stored in ENPS. ENPS users then can search all video content for specific words or phrases. Once the video is located, users can view the transcript associated with the video and jump to the location where a specific word was spoken.

Additional integration with ENPS will allow TVEyes to segment off-air recordings automatically into individual story clips for use on Web sites.

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