TV One ships new switcher

TV One has released its new S2-106AD Stereo Audio Switcher, part of its S2 Expansion family. The S2-106AD is a stereo audio switcher with variable delay. It has six separate inputs from differential stereo audio connections, stereo phono connections (for inputs one to five) and a 3.5mm stereo jack socket for channel six. Dual outputs are available from differential stereo audio connections and stereo phono sockets in addition to a separate 3.5mm stereo jack socket output.

The S2-106AD has additional audio control for volume and balance, with outputs one and two controlled simultaneously. It also offers variable audio delay on output one for lip sync control, with optional sampling frequencies available varying between:

  • For sampling rate 32kHz — 0 to 999ms delay
  • For sampling rate 44.1kHz — 0 to 740ms delay
  • For sampling rate 48kHz — 0 to 680ms delay
  • For sampling rate 96kHz — 0 to 340ms delay

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