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TV 2 adds BrandMaster, control system for efficient playout

TV 2 in Norway has purchased five Pixel Power BrandMaster control system to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of its playout capabilities. The broadcaster also purchased a motorized audio fader panel as well as a GPI-based system.

TV 2 has expanded its range of channels to 13 and is operating a mixed HD and SD environment. While the channels are all automated via a Snell Morpheus system, there's a high level of manually handled live events.

TV 2 selected BrandMaster, a combined master control/branding technology, for a wide range of reasons, not the least of which is flexibility provided by the IP-based BrandMaster control system.

The BrandMaster control system is a user-configurable, any-screen-to-any-device channel branding/master control setup, combining touchscreen and hard panel technology. Using TCP/IP protocols, the system provides control over the BrandMaster master control and branding environment.