TSL unveils TouchMix Combo

TSL Professional Products has unveiled its TouchMix Combo system, an integration of the company's TouchMix (AVM-T-Mix) and TouchMix Pilot systems.

TouchMix Combo delivers failsafe operation beyond multiple-source monitoring as a backup solution if a main studio console crashes. Working in a master/slave relationship, it offers enhanced workflow options for broadcasters, including the ability to use it as a standalone audio mixer for a smaller facility.

The main "host" TouchMix unit comprises two 20-channel, line-level audio mixers, each configurable as a combination of assignable stereo, mono or even surround input channels per mixer. The 22:9-aspet-ratio touch-screen front panel provides volume control, a dual-function gain/balance encoder, headphone socket, USB port, home preset save/recall switch and loudspeakers. The TouchMix Pilot comprises a desktop remote touch-screen panel with a rack-mount host unit. In the TouchMix Combo package, the TouchMix Pilot effectively becomes the remote control for the rack-mount T-Mix. The two-unit combination packages are interconnected via Ethernet.