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TSI Broadcast chooses Evertz IPTV solutions

Evertz has supplied solutions from its IPTV portfolio to London-based transmission facility TSI Broadcast. TSI’s first client for this transmission facility is TopUpTV.

The solution includes dual-channel ASI-to-IP encapsulators and dual-channel IP-to-ASI de-encapsulators for the facility’s video encoding services to support the national lottery and TopUpTV.

The 7780ASI-IP2 and 7780IP-ASI2 are a hardware-based solution that fits in Evertz standard chassis for encapsulating and de-encapsulating two MPEG-2 transport streams into IP and back. As more providers are trying to deliver contribution and distribution quality video over IP networks, the 7780ASI-IP2 and 7780IP-ASI2 are capable of bridging traditional compressed world (ASI) with the standard IP networks.

Controlled by a VistaLINK PRO, the 7780ASI-IP2 offers signal providers the capability to encapsulate and de-encapsulate two MPEG-2 transport stream payloads to a unicast or multicast standardized UPP or RTP IP stream. For contribution application, the 7780ASI-IP2 offers industry standard FEC encoding to allow data recovery on the de-encapsulation side.

The 7780ASI-IP2 offers ASI inputs monitoring for detecting problems prior to the encapsulator. The 7780ASI-IP2 MPEG-over-IP encapsulator can be paired with the 7780IP-ASI2 de-encapsulator for an end-to-end solution.

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