Triveni Digital to introduce StreamScope Enterprise Monitor

At the 2008 NAB Show, Triveni Digital will debut its new StreamScope Enterprise Monitor (EM-40) enterprise-wide service quality assurance solution.

The StreamScope EM-40 is aimed at proactive, real-time, service-based response. It proactively detects, localizes, analyzes, isolates, and remedies faults impacting video services based on predefined rules.

This will allow broadcasters, service providers and IPTV networks to reduce customer downtime and complaint response costs by providing the user full remote analysis capabilities of any monitored streams. Alarms are generated when a transport stream has fallen outside of a specified configuration. Integrated trend analysis enables engineering staff to analyze past issues.

The StreamScope EM-40 ensures:

  • network integrity
  • video quality of service
  • viewer satisfaction
  • lower customer service costs
  • lower churn
  • higher revenues.

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