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Transmission -- NAB Show 2012

There have never been more choices for over-the-air delivery of television programming. Current ATSC technology affords more options than ever for broadcasters. Transmitting equipment is now more feature-packed, compact, energy efficient, and reliable than ever before.


Harris Maxiva UAX Compact Class Transmitter for ATSC Mobile DTV

OMB MOT 1500 ATSC Transmitter

LARCAN Cool-Dock Series TransmitterEgatel will show the TLE6800 high-power transmitter, along with the TE9000MP line of medium-power UHF models, incorporating LDMOS-50 transistor technology. Visitors should also look for the MTD5100 low-power digital UHF transmitters that are frequency-agile and ultra-compact.

Elber SRL will exhibit the Onedriver and Onecompact lines of low- and medium-power transmitters designed by Onetastic; power levels between 70 Watts and 340 Watts are available. Options include on-board GPS, gap filling, Rx SAT, etc. Also check out the OTGPS1U GPS receiver for locking SFNs together and is designed by Onetastic.

Electrosys SRL will show its THALNA line of air cooled transmitters. These support analog, DVB-T/H, ATSC, ISDB-T/Tb, DVB-T2, and feature "Dual Cast" capability (DTV and analog TV from the same transmitter), along with LDMOS technology. Also check out their MEX II multimode exciter.

Harris plans to show off their Maxiva UAX Compact Class transmitter for ATSC Mobile DTV service. The Compact Class provides coverage in areas that are underserved by normal ATSC Mobile DTV signals. Harris will also show its Selenio media convergence platform for ATSC, ISDB-Tb and DVB-T/T2 terrestrial transmission systems.

LARCAN USA will showcase their new Cool-Dock Series. These are liquid-cooled, solid-state transmitters with outputs ranging from1.5 kW to 50 kW, in both UHF and VHF. Also showing is the new Mobile Plus Series end-to-end Mobile DTV transmission system, and the MXi Series digital/analog solid-state UHF transmitters with power outputs ranging from 5 Watts to 1 kW and beyond.

OMB Sistemas Electrónicos is heading for the big show in Las Vegas with their latest television transmitter technology. OMB manufactures a complete range of transmitters for both analog and digital services. The company's products range from the MOT 1200 FL BIII, 1.2 kW analog model that's model engineered around the latest LDMOS technology, all the way to the 6,000 Watt MOT 6000 ATSC unit, which is also constructed with LDMOS and features eight independent amplifier units for enhanced reliability.

Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies will debut a newly-enhanced universal multistandard transmitter, officially known as the ARK-6 exciter modular. It accommodates just about any transmission mode that a broadcaster is likely to encounter, including ATSC, ASTC-MH, DVB-T2, DVB-Tb, NTSC and PAL. Visitors will also want to check out the company's ARK ECHO, an ATSC/ATSC-MH on-channel digitsl repeater that features superior echo cancellation. Another product that will be in the limelight is Screen Service's new two-channel encoder for Mobile DTV.

Thomson Broadcast Elite 100 GreenPower Transmitter

Jampro JAT-U UHF Broadband IV/V 470 to 860 MHz AntennaTeamcast Inc. will show off its new MT2 software release for the company's 2000/3000 modulator products. Performing both DVB-T and DVB-T2 modulation, the MT2 also features redundant IP inputs, saving architecture complexity and costs.

Thomson Broadcast will spotlight a line-up of products including their ATSC-8000 DTV exciter that supports VHF or UHF operation, along with ATSC-M/H (A/153) service. Also being shown is the Elite 100 GreenPower transmitter line, the Elite ISDB-Tb transmitter series, and the Elite 10 repeater, designed for rapid deployment for indoor or outdoor operation.


Aldena Telecomunicazioni SRL will be offering their new Aldena ATS series turnstile UHF antennas for digital TV applications/gap filling. Also be sure to check out their EMLAB software for planning future DVB-T2 network installations.

Delta Meccanica SRL will be at the big show with their 50 W DVB filter, which features double cross-coupling, and a critical/non-critical mask. Also available for inspection will be their 2.5 kW and 5 kW dummy loads.

Jampro Antennas will feature the JAT-U UHF broadband IV/V 470 to 860 MHz antenna. Booth visitors should also check out the JUHD broadband UHF panel antenna that can be either side- or top- mounted. Also look for the Prostar JA/MS-BB broadband UHF slot antenna. Jampro will also be featuring their RCEC mask filter.

Kathrein Inc., Scala Division, will be at the show with their 750 10067 antenna. It features broadband UHF (470-862 MHz) design, a 5 kW power rating, 7.5 dBd of gain, and a 50 ohm, 1-5/8-inch EIA flange input.

Telmec Broadcasting will be promoting their directional coupler, FM filter combiners.


ABE Elettronica SRL will feature their GPS 1000, a new GPS receiver/synchronizer for generating time and frequency signals for the stable synchronization of single frequency networks. Features include: holdover error recovery, single satellite operation, fast cold start-up, and zero accumulated error.

Burk Technology will spotlight the Plus-X Dual IP-8 adapter, along with an upgrade from the ARC-16 to the ARC Plus, and also the Plus-X GSC adapter. In addition, there's an upgrade to the ARC Plus from the GSC3000, VRC2500 or VRC2000. They're also planning to show ARC Plus Version 3, which features a new smartphone interface, along with the Plus-X 600, and Climate Guard LT.

Davico will showcase its MAC firmware v5.46, the latest version of its operating firmware and MacComm software. This new release adds functionality such as PPP operation (for IP-over-telephone connections), and an on-board SNMP manager for easy interconnection to various site devices, including transmitters.