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Transaudio Group launches Bock Audio 5-ZERO-7 tube microphone

At the upcoming AES Convention in San Francisco, Transaudio Group, the worldwide distributor for Bock Audio, is launching the new Bock Audio 5-ZERO-7, a hand-built, large-body tube microphone. Bock Audio builds the personal designs developed over the last 10 years by mic expert David Bock in Los Angeles.

Engineered to fulfill high-end vocal applications, the 5-ZERO-7 is the one of the first mics to take advantage of a new elliptical large-capsule design by David Bock and George Cardas. In development for more than five years, this new capsule, known as the Bock/Cardas Ellipse, is hand manufactured in Germany and is said to offer many technical advantages over existing round capsule designs.

Designed as a traditional tube mic/power supply package, the Bock 5-ZERO-7 is a large-body mic with a beefy tube, audio transformers, fully discrete electronics and custom power supply very similar to those found in 1947-era microphones. A unique mechanical and acoustical design enables a performance level from the 5-ZERO-7 that exceeds the sum of its parts. The mic is particularly suited to top-level vocalists.

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