TJTV adds Omneon MediaDeck servers to support new HD playout capability

China's TianJin TV (TJTV), one of the country's oldest broadcasters, is installing 17 new Omneon MediaDeck server systems at the core of a new HD playout system.

TJTV’s signal today covers 31 provinces in China, as well as neighboring countries and regions, and is available to nearly 800 million people. The broadcaster currently offers 10 specialized channels, four digital premium channels and an HD channel.

As TJTV migrates its SD channels to HD, the new MediaDeck systems will provide internal conversion of content as needed. With conversion built into its playout servers, TJTV will be able to reduce both the time and equipment costs required to deliver HD services.

Of the 17 MediaDeck systems being deployed at TJTV, 10 will be configured to support main and backup playout, three will support time-delay playout, two will support digital channel playout, and the final two will serve as spares.