TiVo Highlights Voice Search for Personalized Content Discovery Platform

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Viewers will now have the ability to ask their TiVo devices what is on TV tonight with the new Personalized Content Discovery platform. The fully-integrated platform provides video operators with a suite of content discovery features that combine TiVo’s conversational voice search feature with personalized search and recommendations. There are also analytics capabilities that allow operators to conduct A/B testing to optimize operations in real time.

The new voice search function works with the personalized search to bring up the user’s top 10 television programs based on viewing behavior and interests in the instance of giving the command “What’s on TV tonight?” This comes at a time, according to TiVo, when Amazon Echo, Dot or Google Home owners are using voice assistants to help find something to watch on TV. The platform can also support contextual voice queries. This would allow users to narrow down results within a specific context.

The conversational search quality spans across all content catalogs available to consumers, including linear TV, video-on-demand, or OTT programming.