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Thales Angenieux Showcases Lenses, Controls for Large Format Production

Thales Angenieux debuted the Optimo Rouge, first of its new Optimo DP (Digital Production) series for large format 35mm digital cameras at the NAB Show. The Optimo DP Series offers a focal length of 30-80mm, aperture of T:2.8, calibrated focus marks and no ramping or breathing. The PL mount lens weighs only 4.2 pounds.

Partnering with Vision III, Angenieux also showed its Digital 26x7.8 AIF HD ENG/EFP telephoto zoom lens, incorporating the new v3 AX3 Parallax Scanning Adapter. The v3captures parallax depth information over time, allowing conventional video production cameras to shoot images with enhanced texture and depth that appear dimensional when viewed on any standard video display, such as a TV, film and video projector, or computer monitor.

Angenieux announced a new line digital line of 19x7.3 AIF general purpose ENG/EFP lenses. The lenses are available in SD, HD and HD-E versions. With a focal range of 7.3mm to 139mm, the portable lenses included memorized focus and zoom positions, an anti-backlash system, auto cruise zoom function, digital laws for focus and zoom, serial communication, optional built-in focus (SSD version) and an optional 16-bit output optical encoder (SSDE version).

Angenieux also introduced a new generation of the Digital 26x7.8AIF HD and high resolution series Tele Super Zoom lenses. They feature a focal range of 7.8mm to 203mm (5.6mm to 406mm with a 2X extender) and an aperture of f/1.8 for the HR version, and f2.2 for the HD version.