Teradek introduces Bond compact cellular bonding system

Teradek has launched Bond, a cellular bonding system for mobile content transmission and live reporting from the field.

Bond enables freelance and professional broadcasters to transmit live content over up to five 3G or 4G cellular modems from a small, affordable device.

Bond is a camera-top cellular bonding system that fits in the palm of the hand. The device supports up to five 3G or 4G modems simultaneously from multiple carriers worldwide and is designed to seamlessly integrate with Teradek’s Cube video encoder.

This combination incorporates cutting-edge technologies, such as low-power hardware H.264 HD video compression, advanced streaming options like RTMP and MPEG-TS, and Teradek’s Adaptive Internet Streaming (AI Streaming) technology, which adjusts bit rate and buffering in real time to handle volatile network conditions.

To manage Bond’s multiple data streams Teradek has developed Sputnik, a free proprietary de-bonding software solution that runs on any Linux server or is hosted in the cloud to reassemble data into a single RTMP or MPEG-TS stream.