Telestream VidChecker 7.2 Meets Netflix IMF Requirements

NEVADA CITY, CALIF.—Telestream is getting on the Netflix bandwagon, as the company has announced that the latest version of its VidChecker automated quality control system has integrated with Netflix Photon java code for compliance testing.

Photon is an open source java code for parsing, interpreting and validating constituent files that make an Interoperable Master Package of content for submission to Netflix. With this integration, VidChecker 7.2 reportedly simplifies and speeds up compliance testing for all Netflix submissions. Contributors can now test for proper IMF packaging using the automated QC capabilities in VidChecker, including the automatic creation of output reports.

The new version of VidChecker enables report data to be used in decision-making programs with Telestream Vantage workflows. It also provides workflow enhancement capabilities, including HDR QC testing as a standard feature. Additional features include the ability to automatically create test templates and to automatically correct errors.

The VidChecker 7.2 with Netflix Photon integration is now available.