Telestream Announces Lightspeed Live Stream and Live Capture

NEVADA CITY, CALIF.—Telestream is taking off with Lightspeed at the upcoming 2016 NAB Show, announcing it will unveil two new live streaming and capture products. These include the Lightspeed Live Stream, which prepares real-time content for adaptive bitrate live streaming, and the Lightspeed Live Capture, which can record multiple channels of SD and HD, or a single channel of UHD.

Lightspeed Live server

The Lightspeed Live Stream application was designed to help broadcasters simultaneously push live program OTT. The system encodes a live program and simultaneously streams the output via an origin server or CDN, says Telestream. Live Stream can receive content from 3G baseband and IP sources through 10Gb Ethernet. Output can be delivered via RTMP or as HTTP Live Streaming and MPEG DASH packages at SD, HD and UHD resolutions. The Lightspeed system can simultaneously create a real-time, streaming proxy for each channel parallel to generating the main streaming outputs.

Live Capture can be installed on the same server as Live Stream, extending live encoding capability by providing live capture in high quality mezzanine formats into Telestream’s Vantage Media Processing Platform. This allows for the use of both real-time streaming capability and the full range of video manipulation. Both the Live Stream and Live Capture can work as stand-alone applications, but when combined with the Vantage platform users can concurrently stream, capture and process live content for consumption on different platforms.

Telestream expects to begin shipping the Lightspeed Live Stream and Live Capture in the middle of 2016. The company will first show the two products at booth SL4525 during the 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas.