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Telemetrics unveils elevating wall-mount system

Telemetrics is making it easier for broadcast and production centers to accomplish the move to more automated systems with its elevating wall-mount system. The BT-X3/Z3-VS is a remotely controlled camera positioning system that offers both vertical and horizontal positioning for pan-and-tilt camera movement to help create a virtual studio environment.

The H-frame elevating belt-driven track system can be controlled with various Telemetrics control panels and computer software. Most recently, the virtual studio application was implemented by Canada’s Global TV network, wherein a system of four regional production centers are remotely controlled to provide regional coverage from around the country. Each of the 14 studio locations is equipped with the Telemetrics H-frame elevating belt track system. Those units deployed in the virtual studio locations will also include built-in X-Z position encoders, which will send the camera positional information back to Orad’s ProSet in the main production center. From this main location, one person can operate any camera, in any city, allowing for continuity between shows and across the brand.