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Telemetrics S5 Series Offers Robotic Control of Blackmagic Cameras

ALLENDALE, N.J.—Telemetrics has found a dance partner for its latest camera robotics and control products, the S5 series of servo-mechanical pan/tilt camera heads, announcing at the recent NAB Show New York that its technology works with Blackmagic Design cameras.



The company demonstrated the S5 series’ ability to work with Blackmagic’s Ursa 4K/UHD camera at the show, but it says that all of its models—PT-LP-S5, PT-HP-S5 and PT-CP-S5—feature full remote control of Blackmagic cameras and lenses in a robotic camera studio setting.

The Telemetrics technology controls the camera through an SDI stream, enabling command of features like full paint and exposure controls.

Telemetrics’ pan/tilt heads are designed to be used in broadcast studios, by government entities and for large room surveillance.