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Telemetrics Introduces Pan Bar for Robotics Operations

(Image credit: Telemetrics)

ALLENDALE, N.J.—Telemetrics is rolling out a new collaborative pan bar for its camera robotics technology, the RCMC-1 Robotic Collaborative Manual Control pan bar. The new device is designed to allow operators to robotically drive camera pedestals and pan/tilt heads with minimal effort.

The RCMC-1 features hand controls that enable operators to easily move a robotic camera when resetting a new show, as well as for performing on-air moves. There is also a new labeling system for the buttons on the pan bar, allowing for users to quickly assign a label and identify moves among the two customizable control buttons.

The customizable controls are delivered via a two-axis joystick and a series of rocker switches and buttons to manipulate the Telemetric OmniGlide’s XY motion or a Telemetrics PT-LP-S5 pan/tilt head on a Televator pedestal. A rocker switch on the bottom also adjusts lens zoom or Televator column height. When local pan bar operation is activated, an automatic safety interlock prevents further commands from being accepted from any remote-control panels, per Telemetrics.

RCMC-1’s design uses precision sensors for highly precise controls. An interlocking rosette mount is used for secure attachment to a PT-LP-S5, while a simple USB connection interfaces to the robotics. The pan bar’s buttons, switches, dials and joysticks are positioned for optimum finger strength and dexterity.

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