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Telegent TV tuner chip chosen for Moint Communication CDMA handset

Pundits may say the days of analog TV are numbered. Meanwhile, Telegent just keeps making more lucrative deals to integrate its analog mobile TV tuner chip into another handset. This time it's Guizhou Zhenhua Moint (that’s MObile INTelligence) Communications’ CDMA handset for China and China Telecom's e-surfing subsidiary. Seems that even though it doesn't bring any direct revenue to the operator, it makes the operator's offering more attractive to potential subscribers — something Telegent's been saying for years.

So it’s no surprise that Telegent is making mobile TV available in the first CDMA handset design, extending a free-to-air TV feature to CDMA operator networks now launched in China Telecom stores in a number of provinces throughout China.

Telegent’s mobile TV feature allows consumers to receive the same live, free, over-the-air programming that they enjoy on their TV sets at home, providing consumers with mobile access to their favorite news, sports and TV series no matter where they are.

“Free-to-air mobile TV enables operators to recruit and retain subscribers through feature innovation and leadership,” said Weijie Yun, president and CEO of Telegent Systems. “The live, free-to-air TV feature enables us to further differentiate our product offering,” added Moint EVP Chengjian Luo.