Telegent offers third-generation analog TV receiver

Telegent Systems' new third-generation analog mobile TV receiver, the TLG1121, is a single-chip solution based on 65nm CMOS process technology, which marks a reduction in power consumption and solution footprint, aimed toward the global analog TV receiving device market.

The TLG1121 provides global support for NTSC, PAL and SECAM TV broadcasts, delivering worldwide support for free-to-air analog TV and FM broadcast reception on mobile devices, which lets consumers enjoy live TV on the go. The TLG1121 comes in a 6mm by 6mm package, down 25 percent in size, while consuming 25 percent less power from the battery. The smaller package size gives manufacturers more flexible PCB layout for sleeker handsets, while the lower power lets consumers watch longer. Customers will be able sample the TLG1121 by the second quarter of this year.