Telecast to Unveil New Copper-Head

At NAB2006, Telecast Fiber Systems Inc. will feature new additions to its line of fiber optic equipment for broadcast applications.

The G2 Copper-Head is a camera mounted fiber optic transceiver based on the company's Copper-Head system and allows users to transmit video signals from several camera makes and models, as well as to receive control and other information from the camera control point, all via fiber. Several configurations are offered, supporting standard definition, high definition, analog and digital cinema applications.

Scamp, an optical repeater system and power amplifier designed for SMPTE 311 hybrid cables, is designed to boost optical signal power in long fiber cable runs. The unit features built-in optical power metering and can be powered from the cable into which it is inserted, or may be configured to receive external power at the repeater point and boost the cable's electrical power as well as its optical power.

Teleport-X is a multiplexing device designed to allow up to 12 bidirectional wavelengths to be carried via a single fiber, thus multiplying effectiveness of fiber optic cables. The technology allows a single-mode fiber to support a data rate of up to 40 Gbps, supporting 128 analog video channels, or 16 high definition video signals.

Telecast Fiber Systems Inc. will be in Booth SU4717.