Tektronix to Spotlight New Monitoring Solutions

At NAB, Tektronix will show the new MTM400A transport stream monitor with its new FlexVuPlus user interface for DTV and IPTV services.

The MTM400A leverages the measurement capabilities of the MTM platform to deliver simplified DTV monitoring and diagnostics. It offers a common measurement engine for confidence monitoring and diagnostic monitoring, ensuring consistency in measurement results. Time lost verifying discrepancies between measurement instruments is eliminated.

FlexVuPlus delivers a structured hierarchical view of network information, media and data to rapidly identify the root cause of underlying service problems. FlexVuPlus is a browser enabled, user-definable interface with up to four panels displayed in the UI window that can be sized and repositioned, based on operational needs. FlexVuPlus presents a user-definable “button strip,” “historical views,” and “short-cuts” to accelerate video delivery fault root cause analysis.

Tektronix also will show the new WFM4000 and WFM5000 waveform monitors and WVR4000 and WVR5000 rasterizers at NAB. The new units enable editors and operators to quickly and easily verify and adjust video and audio content from multiple signal sources. The 4000 Series supports standard-definition video and the 5000 Series supports both SD and HD.

Tektronix will also feature its PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer, WFM7120 with 3 Gbps Dual Link monitoring, as well as MTX100B and RTX130B that now include IP Stress Test play-out/generation with capabilities for error insertion.

Tektronix will be at Booths N2520, C1051.