Tektronix to Introduce Platform for Testing Consumer HDTV Products

At NAB, Tektronix is introducing the VM5000HD Automated Video Measurement Set, which it touts as the first fully automated component analog video signal analyzer measuring HD, progressive scan and PC format signals for consumer video equipment manufacturers, video network operators and other applications that require repeatable testing.

The VM5000HD gives repeatable video measurements in 1080i, 720p, 480p and SXGA formats using multiple industry-standard video parameters without the need for instrument set-ups, algorithm selection, time-consuming manual measurements or results correlation. The product is a descendant of Tek's VM700T Measurement Set.

The VM5000HD can make 100 parametric measurements in eight test categories in ten seconds and can serve as the single standardized measurement tool across development teams, manufacturing lines and customer testing facilities.

It offers an HD matrix test signal set for the creation of standardized test signals including color bars, multiburst, sweep and five other signal types for testing in Y/Pb/Pr and RGB color space. The library of test signals is available on a combined set of DVD's and CD-ROM's in both compressed and uncompressed formats.