Tektronix Adds RF Support to MPEG Transport Stream Monitor

Tektronix has added several new RF support features to its MTM400 MPEG transport stream monitor.

The monitor now includes new QAM Annex B and C interfaces for the U.S. and Japanese cable markets, in addition to the existing QPSK and QAM Annex A interfaces for satellite and European cable customers. The new RF monitoring capabilities add key measurements including MER, BER and RF constellation displays to the QAM and QPSK interfaces.

Tek has also added support for displaying and testing Chinese and Japanese character descriptors within the transport stream. The monitor also includes a new summary status view with pie chart display to act as a "dashboard" to indicate the health and content of a transport stream. In addition, the MTM400 now includes SNMP trap support to aid integration into third party network management systems.