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TeamCast unveils Vega RF channel simulator

TeamCast has released the Vega RF channel simulator, a stand-alone unit that can be connected to any DTV or mobile TV signal source to simulate the real broadcast environment with fading, Doppler distortion and echoes produced by natural obstacles and transmission phenomena.

Vega reproduces these natural perturbations in the laboratory, enabling developers to optimize and test receivers and anticipate their behavior in the field. Based on multipath distortion models with up to 20 different paths available, and various Doppler profiles and an adjustable C/N via a white noise generator, Vega can simulate any transmission distortion affecting a broadcast signal.

Standardized models of transmission channels, such as TU6, F1, P1, PI and PO, which are the result of many years of studies by international regulation bodies and research laboratories, are included in Vega as easily accessible reference profiles.

See TeamCast at NAB Show Booth SU6023.