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TeamCast unveils NIM-1000

TeamCast has introduced the NIM-1000, a new universal IP-S2 over-the-air solution for feeding DTV and mobile TV transmitters.

With the new NIM-1000 modules, it becomes quick and easy to integrate required signal interfaces into terrestrial transmitter systems. The NIM modules can be locked to time and frequency reference signals to allow full SFN operation of the transmitters.

When using a modulator from the company’s ModulCast range with the NIM-1000 module, a transmitter system can support all common input feeds, including transport stream, IP, satellite and terrestrial signals.

The NIM-1000 module range consists of two models: the NIM-1030 for DTV mobile TV transmitters, based on DVB, ATSC, ISDB-T, CMMB, DTMB standards; and NIM-1130, for mobile TV and radio transmitters based on the DAB and T-DMB standards.