TeamCast unveils DVB-T2 receiver

To support the deployment of DVB-T2 pilot and commercial networks, TeamCast has introduced the Dmod4-T2, a professional receiver with essential measurement features dedicated to the monitoring DVB-T2 transmissions in the laboratory and in the field.

The Dmod4-T2 provides real-time demodulation of the off-air signal and measures and monitors signal performance figures for DVB-T2 transmissions. Specifically, Dmod4-T2 provides real-time modulation error ratio measurement, a key signal quality figure, shoulder levels and error rate ratios.

It also provides formatted data for the display of spectrum and constellation via a comprehensive control software suite. The Dmod4-T2 also outputs the received stream via a standard TS-over-ASI interface to feed an external audio/video decoder or transport stream analyzer.