TeamCast MCX-2000 modulator supports DTMB, CMMB

TeamCast partnered with China’s Digital Horizon at NAB2009 to launch the MCX-2000 modulator, which supports both DTMB and CMMB technologies on the same platform, merging the two technologies onto a new hardware platform.

“Despite the fact that the CMMB and DTMB are focusing on separate service usages with different technologies, it makes sense to design a common digital modulator platform, as many features are very similar; for example, the stream input interfaces, the stream redundancy management, the 1PPS and 10MHz signal loss management, the RF upconverter characteristics and performances” said Eric Pinson, TeamCast product line manager.

The MCX product comes as an OEM solution to simplify integration into transmitters. It delivers an RF signal output with a high MER value, excellent shoulder levels and extremely low phase noise. It also optimizes the DTMB and CMMB signal transmissions, including digital linear and nonlinear precorrection circuits and adjustable peak-to-average power ratio.

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