TeamCast, DTVInteractive offer single-site ISDB transmission solution

TeamCast announced at the 2012 NAB Show that it has successfully tested and validated a cost-optimized solution for single site ISDB-TB transmission.

The solution associates the new DTVInteractive's DTI-M1 multiplexer and the new TeamCast MHX 3032 modulator to constitute a complete, turnkey ISDB-TB transmission system.

The DTI-M1 multiplexer builds the ISDB-TB stream. The MHX 3032 modulator is a high-end ISDB-TB modulator, also offering the Digital Adaptive Pre-correction of the amplifier's linear and non-linear distortions for maximizing the transmitter's final efficiency.

The synchronisation of the complete system is insured by the MHX 3032 modulator that includes a GPS receiver and delivers a simple 1 pps reference signal to the multiplexer. The system also can be used in a multiple site, Single Frequency Network, without requiring additional complexity.