TEAC launches VP-101N for voice logging

TEAC America has launched its TEAC VP-101N, a single-channel voice-logging solution that features Ethernet/LAN access for expandability and scalability. Centralized control reduces cost of operation and maintenance and increases the efficiency of the recordings. Availability is scheduled by the end of August.

The VP-101N is network-attached and could work either as part of a system configuration or independently as a stand-alone system. Up to 24 VP-101N units can be managed from only one PC.

The VP-101N uses 24kHz sampling for recording, which provides the highest-quality recording possible. And with the special built-in fail-safe mode, the VP-101N will continue to record even if the server storage fails. It senses the server failure and will switch to its internal storage for continuous recording.

The unit also features three mode: VOX (voice-operated recording), external and command, or a combination of all three. It monitors and records missed calls or disconnects. With the VP-101N, all of the conversation is recorded and saved even if the line or phone is suddenly disconnected. The VP-101N is Ethernet-powered and also comes with an AC power adapter.