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TBCs, frame syncs, conversion equipment

Snell & Wilcox
Alchemist Ph.C - HD

Offers simultaneous SD and HD conversion; new features include a FilmTools option, which delivers results with film-like quality quickly and affordably, and a new option for integrated Dolby E audio handling, which simplifies broadcast and post-production workflows and eliminates the need for outboard Dolby decoders and encoders; provides SNMP support.
Booth: SU1917, SU1717


Eyeheight LE-2MD

A small, powerful legalizer that is compatible with all commonly-used signal standards from 525 and 625-line SD up to 720p and 1080i HD; structured as two internal independent legalizers in series; can be configured to operate in composite and RGB domains simultaneously, including conformity to the 75 percent chroma settings commonly used in the United States, Japan and Australia.
+44 20 82 552
Booth: SL7409


Snell & Wilcox MachHD

Offers cost-effective, high-quality motion-compensated HD and SD standards and format conversion with synchronization capability; features multirate HD/SD inputs and outputs; provides up/down/crossconversion, along with aspect ratio conversion and colorspace conversion; supports embedded AES and analog audio.
Booth: SU1917, SU1717


RF Central RFX-RMR-X6-II-D

Features an internal SD/HD decoder, on-screen display of stream data, Ethernet monitoring for remote-control access and IP encapsulation for Internet broadcast; available as a standalone COFDM receiver with ASI output or with an integral SD/HD encoder.
Booth: C3707


Evertz HD2020 Video PassPort

Integrates four independent up/down/crossconversion paths, each with a full frame synchronizer, with a wide range of AV I/O; can generate a multi-image display from eight select video clean switch I/O; features embedded Web server and dual 10/100 Ethernet ports.
Booth: N1602


LYNX Technik YelloBrik

Modular interface products offer an array of cost-effective SD/HD standalone solutions for signal processing; provide straightforward user controls and instructions directly on the unit; available modules include an SD/HD sync pulse generator, SD/HD sync pulse generator with genlock, 3GHz SDI distribution amplifier, 3GHz SDI to fiber optic transmitter, 3GHz fiber optic to SDI receiver, and 3GHz fiber optic/SDI transceiver.
661-251-8600 ext.
Booth: C1628

HDMI upconverters

TV One 1T-VS-622/1T-VS-624

Feature HDCP compliancy, DVI compatibility, comprehensive OSD menu and locking DC power connector; externally available audio can be embedded into the output HDMI signal via separate TOSLINK and analog stereo inputs; 622 converts composite or S-video SD analog signals to HDMI output at PC, SD or HD resolutions; 624 converts variety of RGB signals between VGA and WUXGA to standard HDMI output at PC, SD or HD resolutions.
Booth: C7408