Tandberg, Raytheon to Introduce DSNG Platform at NAB

Tandberg Television and Raytheon are introducing a new digital satellite newsgathering (DSNG) system at NAB2003. The DSNG is an integrated 2U digital flyaway capable of bi-directional transmission of audio, video and data feed from a remote transmission site. The system is designed to replace current similar setups that either use satellite phones or video over IP.

Composed of a Tandberg E5740 Voyager DSNG MPEG-2 video encoder, miniaturized antenna technology from Raytheon and a V100 versatile multiplexer from Vocality International, the mobile transmission system offers real-time broadcast of remote news coverage with integration to uplink terminals. It can also work with smaller satellite dishes and low power amplifiers.

The DSNG provides two-way phone, data and IP communications between the satellite downlink and remote transmit site. NBC News helped develop the system and has deployed several units for its coverage from the Middle East, according to Tandberg.